Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Party/REunion

photos were taken from a christmas party that i went to on December 22nd, which is also like our reunion coz we haven't seen each others faces for quite a while. I must say it was pretty cray cray, lots of drinking, camwhoring, and whoring.

thrifted blazer, vintage shirt, Zara pants, Zara shoes, Asos necklace, MK watch

Joanne is wearing Zara blazer, shirt. lace short, and shoes


before getting drunkie

modelling 101

modelling 101 part 2

joane, nikki, and monica

intense conversation

love this picture

GP '07


89ers and pillow

love this photo

drunkie gf = poor bf

GP '09

me with Jan, lovely, Dee
me with bffs 

girls in white

dee and krizia before giving their bfs lapdance


Drunk Joane and Krizia

The end

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